Warren Construction Group is proud to have built the first PHIUS certified Passive House High School in the United States. Working closely with the Maine Coast Waldorf School building committee and Briburn Architecture we collaboratively made decisions that carried this project forward. The addition to the Waldorf School campus in Freeport expanded the capacity of the school and brought all the students on to one campus.

The super-efficient building utilizes high value insulation and an airtight enclosure, along with high performance doors and windows.
An appropriate sized and tailored mechanical system ensures heating and cooling costs are minimal, while three Energy Recovery Ventilators delivers fresh air and remove stale air from the building. Our final blower door test, which measures the air tightness of the building, came back at 0.40 CFH50 well under the standard required. The Passive House project was panelized off site and the wall sections lifted in by crane allowing for efficiencies and standardization in the erection of the building, a plus in the winter months.