Repurposing a neglected auto garage located in the revitalized Knightville neighborhood of South Portland, into a fully functioning brew pub was no easy task, but then again we like a challenge. After peeling back the layers and years of heavy use, we uncovered many existing structural and site issues that required innovative problem solving with the owner's and Architect. WCG reinforced and supported the buildings existing structure, maintaining as may existing timbers as possible. A complex below grade utility layout was required to handle the kitchen and brewery equipment.

Portions of the exterior masonry were removed to allow natural light to flood the space. Old growth pine, harvested locally, was used to create definition and a warm feeling within the bar and dining area while also serving as a screen to hide the mechanical systems. A figured mahogany bar top was crafted using wood from our private stashes, enhancing the already unique and creative interior of the old garage. The outcome is a modern industrial vibe, with colors to reinforce the theme. A perfect place for a cold brew and a delicious meal at the end of the day!