Frontier Cafe Coffee Bar
Frontier Cafe has New Space Frontier Café in Brunswick, has just completed a major addition to its restaurant and cinema space with the creation of a new box office, a second... Read more
Dining Hall at Kents Hill School
Kents Hill Dining Facility Well Received

The following article is an excert from the Spring / Summer 2017, Kents Hill Today magazine discussing the construction and opening of the new... Read more

Roux Center for the Environment
Ground Breaking Ceremony for Roux Center for the Environment

Warren Construction Group has been awarded the bid to build the Roux Center for the Environment at Bowdoin College. The competitive bid was... Read more

Deep Energy Audit, Blower door test
Loss of a Friend / Building Scientist

Dewitt Kimball, a trusted leader in Maine's energy auditing and diagnoses passed away. A loss to the construction, building and energy efficiency... Read more

Cousins Island Patio
Cousins Island Residence Featured - Home Advantage

Taking an existing Cape and incorporating a barn style addition to increase the square footage while maintaining the charm and character of... Read more

floating glass bar top
Creating a Floating Glass Bar Top

Working with Schindler Metal Works out of Houston Texas, Warren Construction Group was able to create the illusion of a floating glass island bar... Read more

Building Framing
Warren Construction Group becomes an ESOP

Warren Construction Group to become an Employee Owned Company

General Contractor blazing the way for other small businesses in establishing... Read more

Panelized building
Top Three Benefits of Panelization

A panelized building system incorporates construction techniques that use advanced technology, quality materials and a controlled work environment... Read more