Top Three Benefits of Panelization

A panelized building system incorporates construction techniques that use advanced technology, quality materials and a controlled work environment to build energy-efficient buildings. Panels built inside to a strict set of prints, allow for a better quality building to be constructed and for the erection of the building to occur faster. The secret to a panelized building is good planning, from the time the building is first envisioned to the finished product.

Top three benefits of a Panelize building

1.         Saves time and money. The walls go up quicker once on site which results in a closed in building much sooner. Although the cost of panelized construction may be similar to traditionally-built homes, the time required on-site for construction is significantly reduced. Construction delays due to bad weather can also be minimized.

2.          Quality construction with precisely square and dimensionally correct walls.  Panels are constructed on a flat horizontal platform, meaning that carpenters can work at the ideal height allowing them precise control over the final product. The material used is also placed under tighter scrutiny, resulting in better quality panel.

3.         Environmentally friendly – prefabricating the walls means less waste. Because of the precise construction it can result in a more energy efficient building envelope. The tighter tolerances provided by panelized construction offer the possibility for highly efficient homes. Especially when combined with on-site sealing methods.

While panelization may not be the best option for every building, it should at least be considered.

Photo credit: Mike Matthes

Planning is critical to a successful jobCrane for Panelization building