A New Life

Located on the corner of Maine Street and Pleasant Street in Brunswick, the four-story Lemont Block building is about to enter a new phase in its life. Built in 1870 this historic building has a rich history. Bowdoin College held events in the Lemont Hall (rumored to hold 800 people back in the day) and several secret fraternal organizations calling it home over the years. The last few decades have seen the upper floors largely vacant and fall into disrepair. Warren Construction Group is working with the new owners to bring the building back to life, maintaining and restoring the historic aspects of the building such as the plaster and tin ceilings in Lemont Hall and revitalizing the building so that it can continue to be a landmark in Brunswick in another 150 years.

You can read more about this renovation and the history in the press “The Times Record” or “The Bowdoin Orient