A Cold Start to the Year

After a very cold few months, Roux Center for the Environment at Bowdoin College is starting to take shape as Warren Construction Group moves the project forward. We have had crews working on the site in temperatures dipping down to 5 below zero and colder. A number of concrete pours have been carefully planned around warmer days and assisted by running several ground heaters and using insulation blankets to keep heat on the poured concrete slabs to enable curing.
Below are excerpts from recent articles in the news.

Cold Weather Construction

Dennis Hoey & Matt Byrne, (2017, December 28). Even for the hardy, Maine’s 7 day forcast offers a chilly challenge, Portland Press HeraldĀ 

Construction Progresses at Bowdoin College

Rebecca Goldfine, (2018, January 4). Construction Progresses on Roux Center for the Environment, Bowdoin, News, Press Release.