A closer Look

Using Infra-red

Great craftsmen rely on their old hand tools for many years and repair them over and over because they feel right and know the ‘touch’. In many cases an old tool does the best job, but technology has changed this for some tasks. One of the most recent tools added …

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History Exposed

The Longfellow Elementary School in Brunswick was repurposed by Bowdoin College to create the Edwards Center for Arts and Dance. When the timber rafters were uncovered in the building demolition process, Peter suggested washing, cleaning and preserving the exposed historic feature. This decision contributed to a project that reveals rather …

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Harvested Gun-Barrel Pine

When we first walked onto the site of the future Friends School in Cumberland, we saw enormous, gun-barrel-straight pine trees and immediately wanted to use the logs in the construction of the school. The trees were harvested in 25-foot logs, which is the maximum length Maschino Lumber’s sawmill can handle. …

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